We at Amplify are working hard to promote safe, enjoyable and law abiding events. At no time will we compromise the safety of our customers. Security personnel will be present at any and all events.

All parts of the building as well as the outside of the venue are monitored and recorded with the highest caliber video cameras available to us.  We reserve the right to use this video for promotional purposes.  Additionally since security and safety are priority #1 the video will be turned over to law enforcement to help us prosecute persons that do not follow rules or cause violence against another member or damage the complex or venue.


Casually stylish club attire. No Plain White-T, or hoodies, and collared shirts are always preferred, but not mandatory for men. Pants must be fixed at the normal belt level or close. Your attitude and the way you conduct yourself is essential to being a member at Amplify.  Additionally at no time are you allowed to cover your face.That information may be shared with the local police if necessary.

DRINKS – Alcohol

We have a license to serve Mixed Alcohol beverages as well as a Malt Beverage License.  Our bartenders will make every effort to meet everyone’s expectations.  If something is wrong please just let us know.  Also PLEASE DRINK responsibly! If you need a taxi or UBER please let us know we will be happy to make the call for you.  Additioally we have coffee if needed.

DRINKS – Under 21

We always have water, soda, sports drink, energy drinks, coffee etc


We do not serve food yet, but we do offer some prepackaged snakes such as chips etc.   

More information. (Coming Soon)

 We are looking at our own food trailer.  Stay tuned for updates.


Many of our nights will have special DJ’s or artists so the music will be selected.  Other nights when the house DJ is onsite we will ask the crowd to let us know if they want something different or special to be played.  Our DJ’s are very skilled and have access to over 100,000 song on there computers to select from.  Based on the age of the crowd the music may be “radio edited” so that we can keep the music more “age” appropriate.

Concert lights and Sound!

We have full concert sound and lights.  There will be plenty of effects used like confetti cannons, CO2 emitters, 18 lasers, strobes etc.  We are all about the performance.  Please take a look at the events page to see if there is a particular event that you may be interested in.  You will also be able to text the DJ’s and see if you can get your song choice played.