Membership Rules

Membership Rules (without exception)

  1. You must be a member in order to gain access to the venue!
  2.  You must have a state or school issued ID to join the club.
  3.  You will be asked at the front door to please read and agree to the rules while we scan you ID and the software verifies that it is a valid form of ID.  Once the appropriate age is determined we reserve the right to use wristbands and UV ink to mark hands and so that the bartenders can see the age determination.
  4. The bartenders will always have the option of asking you for an ID and they may double check the software.  We are doing everything we can to not serve alcohol to underage people. The fines are terrible in North Carolina and the penalties are even worse.  Please do not put the venue, the bartender or you the patron at risk.
  5. You must be 21 to consume alcohol.
  6. It is a Criminal offense in North Carolina to share your drink with a minor.
  7. There is a Dress Code at Amplify, Please look on the website for the rules.
  8. Management prohibits any weapon to be brought into the facility.  Whether a knife or other you will be made to leave and arrested!  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  9. North Carolina law prohibits smoking inside the facility. There will be a smoking area provided outside that will be secured.
  10. Management and staff have the right to refuse entry or service to anyone for any reason.
  11. North Carolina prohibits gambling in a licensed facility.
  12. No alcohol is allowed to be removed from the licensed facility.
  13. IF the rules of the venue are not followed your membership will be revoked!